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2020 Audi Model Year Changes



2020 Audi A3 Sedan

This is the final year for the A3, at least this version. The drop-top dropped. A3 Prestige dropped, leaving the Premium Plus the highest trim. This change moves features that were standard on Prestige, like Park Assist, to options on Premium Plus. Automatic dimming side mirrors are no longer offered.

18-inch wheels are now standard as the 17-inchers are discontinued. Audi Advanced Key, a hands-free unlocking and drive system, is standard. Audi Drive Select is also standard; it allows drivers to change the responsiveness of the engine, transmission and the steering feel. Automatic High Beams are now standard on Premium Plus.


2020 Audi A4 at 2019 LA Auto Show

The A4 gets a refresh with new grille, bumpers, LED lights and fascias. The grille, following recent trends is larger. On the inside a touchscreen interface replaces the big controller knob on the radio/navigation; quicker processing speeds improve responsiveness. Natural voice recognition is a step up for the ergonomics; you can now change the climate control with voice controls.

LED headlights with automatic high beams and a power sunroof are now standard on all models. Park Steering Assist, a new feature for A4, is standard on Prestige.

Rear child safety locks are now power, allowing the driver to engage them or disengage them from the driver's seat at the touch of a button.

A4 Allroad

2020 Audi A4 Allroad from Audi retail website

A new, larger grille, new bumpers, and front and rear fascia trims are highlighted by new lights with straight-across dashed daytime running light accents. The new touchscreen infotainment system lands here, too.

Natural voice recognition is a step up for the ergonomics, adding features such as changing the climate control with plain English statements.

Prices are lowered. Premium Plus loses its standard navigation system. Premium and Premium Plus lose headlight washers. A Panoramic sunroof, automatic high beam control and LED headlights are now standard on all models. Park Steering Assist is now offered: standard on Prestige. Adaptive Cruise and Active Lane Assist, still standard on Prestige, are now optional on Premium Plus. Child locks are now power remote.

Mechanically, everything remains the same. Overall length is up half an inch, only due to the new cosmetics. Weight is up by less than 25 pounds with the new look and equipment; aerodynamic drag is increased slightly, to .33 Cd.


2020 Audi A5 from Audi News

The A5 is also refreshed inside and out for 2020, with a flatter and wider front grille, subtle slits on top of the grille frame, a more aggressive front lower air splitter, redesigned headlight elements, and a redesigned infotainment system and other new interior design elements. The A5 Prestige and some other redesigned Audi's get animated taillights and turn signals. Overall length is up almost an inch, though the wheelbase is the same as 2019. Trunk space is a little tighter. Overall weight is up over 30 pounds, but aerodynamic drag is down slightly to .28 Cd.

Standard voice control is improved, now accepting natural sentences and statements and gaining control over the climate system. The infotainment system uses a faster processor and becomes touch-sensitive with audible feedback ("Beep!") to help improve ease-of-use.

Automatic high beams and heated front seats are now standard on all models. Navigation is no longer standard on Premium Plus. Premium Plus offers navigation, adaptive cruise control, Active Lane Assist as options.


2020 Audi A6

The 2.0-liter version arrived late in the year, with 248 horsepower, Quattro all-wheel drive and a 7-speed automated transmission.

Lane departure warning, automatic dimming and power folding side view mirrors, high-beam assist, and an anti-theft system with a motion sensor are now all standard.

A6 Allroad

http://thecarchat.net/admin/carchat_admin/app/web/img/uploaded/2020 Audi A6 Allroad European image

A gutsy move, Audi doubles down on its wagon presence in the Americas, adding the bigger A6 Allroad to join its little brother, the A4 Allroad. Standard with the 55 TFSI 3.0 turbo V6 and Quattro all-wheel drive, the wagon also shares the sedan's 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.


2020 Audi A7

Lane departure warning, power folding side view mirrors, high-beam assist, and an anti-theft system with a motion sensor are now all standard.


2020 Audi A8

The new 60 TFSI V8 is here. With 453 horsepower it also boasts a mild-hybrid system to increase torque and fuel mileage. The similarly names A8 60 TFSI e utilizes a plug-in hybrid 3.0-liter turbo V6, similar to the one in the Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, but with a few less horsepower (443). It can travel on a full charge only 17 miles, 10 fewer than the Porsche due to a smaller lithium ion battery pack.

Lane departure warning, Audi virtual cockpit and an anti-theft system with a motion sensor are now standard. Several design packages add styling tweaks to help owners differentiate their cars, including the Black optic package. Audi night vision assistant and Executive seating are now only available on A8 60 TFSI, the V8.


2020 Audi R8 at 2019 NYIAS

What will Tony Stark drive when they bring him back?
After a one model year absence Audi's super car is back. On the outside a completely new grille, bumper and wheels are smoother and classier, though only a side-by-side comparison will leet most people tell the 2018 and 2020 models apart. The honeycomb grille loses the blades on the side intakes, which are now divided with triangular corner pieces. A prominent carbon fiber front splitter has been added. A new rear bumper has matching honeycomb inserts and a new rear diffuser. Tailpipes are now oval, replacing the inset parallelograms. The exterior side sills are now also a glossy black, optional in carbon fiber.
Under the hood, the standard V10 model is up 30 horsepower to 562. The V10 Performance model is down 8 (from the 2018 "Plus" model), resulting in 602 horsepower. Fuel mileage is down significantly: 13 city and 20 highway.
A special "Decennium" edition will be limited to 222 units worldwide, 50 in the U.S. It features special badging, bronze accents and is available only in Mythos Black. It utilizes the 602-horsepower engine of the V10 Performance.

RS 3

2020 Audi RS 3

No changes.

RS 5

Discontinued in the U.S. market for now.

RS 7

2020 Audi RS 7 at 2019 LA Auto Show

The mean Audi fast-back 4-door is back after a one year hiatus. For some reason it will now be called the RS 7 Sportback, as if it is a different body style than the A7 and S7. Power comes from a hybrid version of the corporate twin-turbo 4.0 V8, similar to what is seen in the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid and packing 591 horsepower (86 less than the aforementioned Porsche). Like its lesser A7 and S7 brothers, it packs standard Quattro all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic. 21 or 22-inch wheels are offered, along with rear-wheel steering and ceramic brake rotors.

Here the Audi virtual cockpit is standard, one of two large, bright screens that display all of the information necessary to drive, navigate and listen to Wagner. Natural voice controls are inherited from the A7, making hands-free control of things like radio, navigation and climate easier. A mobile hotspot is standard.


2020 Audi RS Q8 at 2019 LA Auto Show

It was inevitable that the flagship (gasoline-powered) Audi crossover would be offered in a high-performance variant. The RS Q8 comes with the powertrain from the RS 7, including the mild-hybrid 591-horsepower 4.0 twin-turbo V8. Quattro all-wheel drive is a given, as is the 8-speed ZF automatic (a transmission as common as the GM 350 turbo-hydromatic was in the 1970's). An air suspension can change the firmness of the handling, the height of the ride and even the roll-stiffness during cornering. All-wheel steering is standard, tightening the turning circle and stabilizing high-speed cornering and transitions.


2020 Audi Q3

No changes. After all this appeared as a redesigned 2019 model only a few months ago.


A new 55 TFSI e Plug-In Hybrid model is available. With the same 248-horsepower gasoline engine as the standard model, with the electric motors, the Q5 PHEV boasts combined horsepower of 362 and combined torque of 369 pound-feet. Audi claims 0-60 MPH in 5 seconds flat, almost 1 second quicker than the conventional model. Order the 55 TFSI e and you get upgraded to the Audi Virtual Cockpit and navigation.

High-beam assist is now standard. Adaptive cruise control with active lane assist, standard on Prestige, is now optional on Premium Plus.


2020 Audi Q7 at 2020 Chicago Auto Show

In the Q7 55 TFSI the older 3.0-liter supercharged V6 is replaced by a mild-hybrid twin turbocharged unit with 6 more horsepower and 44 pound-feet more torque. Strangely, EPA rated fuel mileage is down on the new engine: 17 city and 21 highway versus a 19/25 rating on the supercharged unit. The Q7 45 TFSI continues with its 248-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder. Both have 8-speed automatics and standard Quattro all-wheel drive.

Other changes include the new headlights, grille, front spoiler, bumpers, a more aggressive lower sill design, and new 19-inch standard wheels. New 22-inch wheels are optional on Q7 Prestige.

19-inch wheels, Lane Departure Warning, LED headlights and automatic high beams are now standard. The Adaptive Air Suspension is now optional on Premium Plus.

Auto-dimming side-view mirrors are no longer standard, but part of the Convenience Package ($1200).


2020 Audi Q8

Lane departure warning, Audi Advanced Key, Audi virtual cockpit plus, high-beam assist, and an anti-theft system with a motion sensor are now all standard.


2020 Audi S3 Sedan

A new entry level S3 Premium model is added. High beam assist, rear USB port and auto dimming, power-folding side mirrors are now standard on Premium Plus. Front and rear parking sensors, blind spot warning and rear cross-traffic warning will now become optional on the new entry level model. There's still only two models, because the Prestige model is no longer offered.


2020 Audi S4 from Audi News

The S4 gets the same changes as the A4: headlights, bumpers, bigger grille and a new touchscreen controlled infotainment system. Vehicle Exit Warning is now included with the optional blind spot warning and rear cross-traffic warning systems. 

Automatic high beams are now standard on all models. Premium Plus now offers optional Adaptive Cruise Control and Active Lane Assist (still standard on Prestige).

Headlight washers are now only standard and available on Prestige.


http://thecarchat.net/admin/carchat_admin/app/web/img/uploaded/2020 Audi S5 Sportback at 2020 Chicago Auto Show.JPG

The S5 coupe is the recipient of the same upgrades as the A5, in general. It will retain its 349-horsepower 3.0 turbo V6, 8-speed automatic and Quattro all-wheel drive.

Natural voice recognition is an upgrade which makes it easier to operate various features of the S5. The new system can now control the climate control system in addition to the infotainment system and navigation system (if equipped).

High Beam Assist is now standard on all models. Adaptive Cruise Control is now also optional on Premium Plus; it is still standard on Prestige.


2020 Audi S6 at 2019 LA Auto Show

Back after a one-year hiatus, the S6 abandons V8 power for a mild-hybrid version of the twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V6 from the Porsche Panamera S. 444 horsepower is 6 less than the 2018 V8, but 443 pound-feet of torque is up 37. An electric supercharger gives the engine instantaneous response, with the torque peak occurring at a diesel-like 1900 RPM. It uses a 7-speed dual-clutch automated transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive and features massive 15.8-inch steel front brakes. Standard 255/40R20 tires can be upgraded with 255/35R20 rubber.

Safety features include 8 standard airbags for front, side, head and knees, and optional rear torso seat-mounted airbags. Audi Pre Sense Front, a collision warning and automatic braking system is standard, as are Lane Departure Warning, front and rear parking sensors and a 360-degree top view camera system.


2020 Audi S7 at 2019 LA Auto Show

Like the S6, the S7, based on the all-new 2019 A7, is back after skipping a year, equipped with a Porsche 2.9 twin-turbo V6 worth 444 horsepower, but with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. Brake energy recuperation and start/stop engine system add to a small electric boost to improve fuel mileage (figures not available, yet). Bucking the trend set by the S6 and even the A7, the S7 uses a traditional 8-speed automatic instead of a dual-clutch.

Safety features include 8 standard airbags for front, side, head and knees, and optional rear torso seat-mounted airbags. Audi Pre Sense Front, a collision warning and automatic braking system is standard, as are Lane Departure Warning, front and rear parking sensors and a 360-degree top view camera system.

Other standard features include a power tilt/telescoping heated steering wheel, four-zone automatic climate control, automatic dimming rearview and sideview mirrors, heated 12-way power seats with driver's memory, 


2020 Audi S8 at 2019 LA Auto Show

The new high performance Audi luxury sedan is here. Based on the A8, the S8 gets a high-output version of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, good for 563 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque.


2020 Audi SQ5

High-beam assist is now standard. Hands-free tailgate and front and rear parking sensors are now options or only available on higher models. 16-way power seats


2020 Audi SQ7

Long powered by turbo-4 and supercharged V6 engines, the Q7's new, faster big brother gets a V8. A twin-turbo 4.0-liter, it makes 500 horsepower. Quattro all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering will be standard. A suspension with roll bars that can tighten and change the cornering dynamics of the SUVV will be optional. 20-inch wheels will be standard and 21's will be optional.


2020 Audi SQ8

The SQ8 is not the top dog of the new Q8 flagship line; that honor goes to the RS Q8. With 91 fewer horsepower from its 4.0 V8, this is the in-between model. It can be optioned with roll-stabilizing active anti-sway bars. Rear-wheel steering and Quattro all-wheel drive are standard.


2020 Audi TT Roadster

An anti-theft system with a motion sensor is now standard. Word is, 2020 could be the last model year for the TT.


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