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Local Events: Sonic Car Gathering (Chesterfield, MO)

Overview Parking spots fill up quickly for this packed event.

Every Thursday night motorheads and casual car lovers get together at Chesterfield's local Sonic Drive-In.  Classic cars, hot hatches, and corvettes are all represented, with even bikers joining in the automotive-fueled conversation.

While stock vehicles make an appearance, most are modded and ready to be shown off.


This Mitsubishi sported a bold custom paint job and additional carbon fiber spikes.


This Ford Focus was looking sharp with its custom stickers (sure to enhance horsepower and bring jealousy to other drivers!).


This mostly stock BMW's main addition was a radar detector.


This Mitsubishi wasn't afraid to lift its hood. Everything beneath looked clean and spiffy thanks to its diligent owner.


A few trucks showed up, like this lonely Chevy, but they were mostly used as benches for spectators.


This truck served only as a road block despite its rebel status.



One car, though, (without any editorial bias) stole the show for me. This 1978 Porsche 924, with its sleek "retro" design and unparalleled four cylinder engine, may not have been the most eye-popping auto in the parking lot, but it was welcomed all the same by the enthusiasts of Chesterfield and their great collection of cars.

If you're in the St. Loius area on a Thursday night, stop by and see what new cars have found a weekly stage at this local event.


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