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2023 Buick Model Year Changes


Aside from the loss of the older (non-GX) Encore, the Buick lineup stands mostly pat for 2023. Envision models get a little shuffle of feature availablility.

All Buicks see constraints from supply-chain issues, mostly in heated seats, start/stop and parking sensors. Envision's blind spot and rear cross traffic sensors will be missing from some early build models, but when parts become available the dealership will enable them.

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2022 Nissan Model Year Changes


A new Z is coming and a new electric crossover: Ariya, but not this model year.

Midnight packages are added to more models.

The Frontier gets a complete exterior redesign, in addition to its new engine and transmission from 2021.

The Pathfinder is mostly new.

GT-R, NV vans are discontinued.

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