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2018 Tesla Model Changes

2018 Tesla Model Year Changes

Tesla Motors doesn't follow the automotive tradition of strict model year changes or of changing model year in the Fall. Tesla rolls out changes throughout the year without fanfare and begins producing models identified as "2018" starting Januray 1, 2018.

Model 3

2017 Tesla Model 3 LA Auto Show

The big news for Tesla is the Model 3, its entry level price and its mcuh higher anticipated sales volumes. Of the three, two of these elements are not yet in place: the Model 3 is only available in a Long Range model which starts at considerably more than the $36,000 base price. Also, manufacturing hiccoughs mean a 1-year or longer waiting period.

Model S

2018 Tesla Model S

Only All-wheel-Drive ""D" models are now offered, the rear-drive 75 is discontinued, as is the 60D, leaving the Model S 75D the entry-level model, with 518 horsepower from its front and rear motors. Also, the air suspension with adaptive shock absorber damping and load leveling is now standard.

Now standard on all models: power trunk, ambient interior lighting, lighted door handles, 3-position dynamic turning lights and fog lights. Leather seats are no longer offered.

Some sources indicate that Model S 75D models have 85 Killowatt batteris installed that are limited to output by computer to 75 Killiowatts. Similar offerings from Tesla in the past have allowed unlocking the extra juice for an extra payment, which begs the question, why keep the extra range from customers in the first place? The answer is quite innocent and logical: battery life is increased when the battery is not charged to full capacity or discharged totally, allowing lower warranty claims costs.

Model X

2018 Tesla Model X

Model X 90D models are discontinued. All the seats can be folded flat in the seven seat configuration. 


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