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2015 Ferrari Changes

458 Italia

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia If 562 isn't enough horsepower for you (and with 707 horsepower Dodges, how could it be?) then the new 458 Speciale raises it to 597, deletes radio, navigation, carpet, and even the glovebox. The Speciale boasts a wider front and rear track and larger tires (245/35ZR20 front, 305/30ZR20 rear). It also includes a few more aerodynamic tricks which increase downforce. Though, the drag coefficient is not as good as a regular 458 Italia (.35 Cd vs. .33). The aerodynamic tweaks add almost an inch to its length. It will be offered as a Spider (convertible) as well. An optional start/stop feature is added to turn off the engine when idling and restart it seamlessly when it's time to move again, such as in traffic or at traffic lights.


For 2015 the California becomes the California T with the addition of twin turbochargers to a smaller, more efficient V8. Fuel mileage jumps from 13 city/19 highway for the 2014 model, to 16 city/23 highway for the new 2015: the same as a 2015 Chevrolet Suburban 2WD. New sheet metal comes with the new engine, making for a sleeker, less awkward rear end.

F12 Berlinetta

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta The $330,000 V12 F12 gains Apple Car Play for 2015. Don't play Angry Birds at 212 MPH.


2013 Ferrari FF If you're looking for an AWD V12 hatchback, this is your only choice. It gets Apple Car Play. No other changes for 2015.


attachment_155769 This hybrid is not for Ed Begley, Jr. 950 combined horsepower from electric motors and 6.3 V12 is a bit extreme. To make you feel better about your conspicuous consumption: there are no seats, just pads directly on the floor and rear bulkhead. To get your driving position comfortable you adjust the steering wheel and the pedals. U.S. version will come with warning labels on the front doors: "Do not allow children to crawl into air intakes. They may get lost."


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